My Thirst

I remember the sound of peace crackling in my voice

as we listened to the raw trauma turn

from the tide of defiance crashing through the calm

to the settled sense of acceptance.

I  soothed as I reaped the prescribed herbs,

the treatment that planted possibilities into my mind.

I grew from the desperate, the despair,  to the fabulous becoming of myself.

Where I shared the daring edges of my life with symptoms,

reached out from  the unprotected view to reality shown to others.

The depression that darkened days,

voices that cried out, that disturbed my insides,

heartaches of such delusions,

twisted anxiety of falling, failing again,

and trepidation of being shunned.

But the colored bouquets of creation

birthed beautiful moments

that filled my arms with the bounty

of life understanding- me!

The compassion I savored

touched my thirsty lips and I drank in the goodness

from others that  I once had feared to find.






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