My love

I search the breeze for the leftover scent of our time-

the inhalation of our meeting, our lips together, our breath fast,

the presence of more than just two souls

but a spiritual intercession

fanning our life into a great bonfire of love

exploding between us.

I awoke with the imprint of your love

still faint on my cheek,

the brush of your fingers touch against my skin,

the lovely lines of your wrinkles found with an index

and my soul nourished with our union.

We are one together as thirty years brings back

teenagers in a rush to be grown, to be joined,

to raise a family with the Trinity our only value in life.

Our saving grace was our salvation that saved us

generations ago in youth ministry

when first we danced, first we saw,

first we knelt together in prayer.

You are my answered plea, my ability to keep on,

the strength that attaches me to the holy family,

to the spirit that surrounds us,

and to God who created this world

for us living side by side.

I curl an arm around your pillow,

breathe in your ways

as you offer your day earned

as a gift to our family.

I love you.





2 thoughts on “My love

  1. Julie Schmid

    AMAZING. Each line took me away as if I were watching you. (Not in a creepy way, but in a special glimpse into the life of someone I care about way).You’re fortunate Jodi. Some (perhaps) will never be as blessed to experience your gifts. Gifts are either appreciated with gratitude or taken for granted with ignorance.Take flight. Soar. You are an inspiration.So many of your compilations and how they came to be, exist for many reasons you’re unaware of ♥️

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    1. Oh that means so much to me. You are so kind and I so appreciate that you hear me. I’ve been so lost for so long and really finding my voice helps me heal. I would like to get together.


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