Live Life

Life slips through our fingers one moment at a time,

sometimes with no sense, no rhythm or no earthly rhyme.


We fell compelled to make our way  through the path of journey’s day

never thinking this could be the one, the second that could be all done.

With flowers in my hair I dance for this may be my only chance

to share the sway, this way I feel to be with Jim, our love so real.

Our fingers laced, our shoes untied we laugh, we trip, we slowly glide

for our lives are shared with joyful bliss each night we turn for goodnight’s kiss.

Thinking back over twenty years we slept the night shift bringing tears

to be apart, no morning breath, no opened eyes just loneliness, just no surprise.

But now!  We share the night we longed as teens,  to hold, to hug, who cares the means?

Just impressed to be as one,  each night we fall to arms. May other’s dreams  savor love with all it’s charms.

I’m blessed and rich in pearl’s not bought but rather words that come to me from all I’ve thought.


Hold tight to love  within each one’s  grasp

for life is brief,  love- relief,  and hands for another’s clasp.





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