Filling in the Silence

In the house the noise is silent until  my hands are laid on  keys,

the tapping of my mind now fills the void, a voice that sets my ease.

In language of my doing I create such words to sing,

the pulse of life, each beat of breath, upon this earth I bring.

For in my world, yes, in my soul, there lives a need to say

convictions lived within my heart need opening my own way.

I breathe right in, then let it out, this freeing act of  sound,

surround myself with words I’ve born, for strength to fight what’s found.

For fear is rigid, strong inside, but so’s my inner roar

as I live on through out each dawn I stand, I sing, I soar.

Handed to me is a key that unlocks my ability

to share my style, my coated throat, in lyrics that I see.

So once inside a silent room, my English echos with each click,

an epic ballad, not so bad, as I linger with each finger to craft each word I pick.


2 thoughts on “Filling in the Silence

  1. At first, I thought you were playing the piano, but at the end it seems you are typing on a computer keyboard. Is it a literal or silent singing that you speak of?


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