Shaded Eyes

Somehow I imagine the dragon got her in its sooty ruse.
Surrounded the beautiful blond with smoke and flame
wrought a darkness beyond the tattoos
and called her back with a caressing voice by her name.

She fought so hard, she willed the monster away
as she built a life with her little guy growing.
But inside was a temptation too great, a fate this day
that remembered the sadness that was showing.

A night stained black but lit from fire
revealed the struggle she scraped each night.
The pain, the hurt, the burn, so dire,
with fists upraised against hell’s pitch, the fight.

Perhaps one more flight as she leaped upon its back
and steered the fiery creature away from child.
A lasting look at peace,  beast released in final attack
as she raced it  from home, numb to the wild.

The dragon, I imagine, flew her to it’s lair
to the cursed beginning with its sharp pointed grasp,
and way it lay it’s head in her lap, a dare,
as it clawed and pawed in confusion’s clasp.

Innocence lost a mother, a cost of fantasy, a husk
believing that both can survive
the wings, the things that live in slated dusk,
tragedy reaping, overtaking shaded eyes, no longer alive.


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