I started writing poetry when I was just a child. After school I would collect a notebook and pencil then go outside to sit beneath the branches of the weeping willow tree in my backyard. I felt safe, hidden from sight, the branches draped against the ground, the leaves still green, vibrant. I sat between exposed roots leaning against the sides I used like arms of a chair.

I wrote what I saw between the green leaves in the backyard. Squirrels, acorns, bees above. My father mowing trails in the yard for us to dance through. My mother bent over to pull weeds from the long garden at the edge of our yard. My brothers playing wiffle ball. My sister rubbing oil on to burn in the sun.The fantasies of a young ten year old still believing in the magic of life.

I’m learning to truly believe in the beauty, indeed the magic, of living. I am a wife to my husband of almost 30 years, mother to three sons, a writer, and Christian. I continue to write poetry to express emotions, to capture life in the natural world of Vermont that I reside in.

I also write fiction for children and young adults. I have had a mental illness for most of my life. My illness influences the passion, the way I write on each different day.

I have published two books of poetry, “Body Language: A Woman’s Voice” and “Faces in the Crowd: Reflections on Mental Illness”. In 2002 I was nominated for Vermont State Poet for my work on this book. I have a third book of poetry “Remedies of a Poet” just completed.

I have recently written a children’s book about fireflies (sadly in need of a title) and I have a young adult novel in the works.

I have also written a memoir “Living with the Neighbors” which details my struggle with mental illness.