In the Silence

When my youngest was a toddler I used to teach Catechesis of the Good Shepherd to him and other three to five year olds. One thing that still remains for the last eight years now, is the training on how to make silence.
For God is found in the quiet stirrings of my heart. The Holy Spirit dwells within and can stir us, talk to us in the muted noise, press upon us to make the right decision to follow. I still take moments of my day to sit in the whispered breath of the Lord, the quiet of the world, the beauty of the calm I find. Some days living with Bipolar the calm is fleeting, so hard to grasp hold of but I still try. For peace is reached in the stillness of my heart, the beautiful message of a calm body, the release of stress, the joy of finding what I need. I hope this helps others. Peace, Jo

In the Silence

In the silence of the beating
Of my heart that pumps for love
I find the Holy Spirit dwelling
Inside myself from up above.

He fills me with the help of grace
That keep my senses pulsing strong,
That sheds my fears and troubled doubts,
That tells me I truly belong.

For I shake and tremble so in life,
With the sweats when lost and insecure.
The loss of wisdom raining tears
And only the Spirit can make me sure.

I have worth, so much more to do
To lift such souls, to heal such pain.
I am one, a drop of life,
That slakes distress from falling rain.

So I turn inward to hear His call,
To press my lips, tune in to stillness.
And oh the joy found in such voice
That in the quiet is happiness.



I opened my eyes to the wonder of the light
Spilling onto my bed,
draping me with brightness,
Filling me with the idea
That today will be saturated with smiles.

For the dark mood that penetrated before
Has dissolved with the fragments of rays
That overpower the blackness
To create the luminous ideals of joy.

I find the strength from the sunshine,
The warmth against my skin,
The generous illumination
While I ponder possibilities.

I am here! I am one this day
Seizing the opportunity to pursue
The passion of being more
Than just another face, another passing
Shadow in the day.

I am on a journey of inspiration.
I am filled with the lucent glow
That causes my face to explode
Into greatness with the allure
Of beauty beaming out.

Take time to smile.


Come follow me we will journey
through the tallest grass,
Sinking toes in muddy banks,
letting sadness flow and pass.

We shall wade in waters clear,
cleanse ourselves in cooling spring.
We shall laugh and splash with gladness
in the joy that life can bring.

Through the dark we shall evolve
into lightness comes the dawn.
We can hold each other up
as we jump from manicured lawn.

In the depths of wooded hillside,
with the trees against each palm,
We will press into the nature,
to sing our life as peaceful psalm.

Oh the life we have to fill,
how the murky waters clear
When we look to Earth’s great chest
of treasure’s found so very dear.

For the sunshine spills about,
lighting up the paths we take,
And the ground is fertile soil,
a gift for us to slowly wake.

With new eyes oh please look on,
capture bliss while on a trail.
Reproduce your own ideals
that cultivate for the eco-frail.

Shed your fears and tears for use
as water for such life that’s all around.
The flowers, ivy, creature’s homes,
That nurture our own souls now found.

Within a plant, the seed of life,
blossoms life’s greatest birth.
To bloom our hope for wondrous peace
here upon the precious earth.

I believe we can be truly saved,
our souls uplifted, our hearts to feel
That beauty developed inside each one
makes love in life truly real.

Developing Our World

The matters of life are much more of love,
Descending like Spirit that’s Holy above.
A pure tender hold on the ones all around,
Our neighbors beside us, those seen that abound.

We must share the inside of each here on earth,
The power of living, giving all people worth.
God gave us this planet, the beauty we’ve found,
The green of such nature, the plants in the ground.

The mountains that blossom from whiteness to spring,
The rivers and streams that bubble and sing,
The forests with branches that reach out to feel,
The waters from Baptism that truly can heal.

I believe in the Father, the Spirit, the Son.
I believe I can ease the pain that’s been done.
For we are all here in life’s blooming rich field,
With God in our prayers we can thrive and be healed.

The planet possesses the marks that we make,
We must not forget to give back not just take.
We must plant more of rose buds, the love in each heart,
The growth of our beauty, God’s plan from the start.

I believe we can summon the strength of each mind,
To fill up the lands with the cares of our kind.
We can cultivate love, we can grow seeds of peace,
Just begin with a step, uncurl your fear, and slowly release.


How often I stare at my sons,
the ones that hold my heart
In their hands, in their arms,
in the way they live.
They are a part of me,
the freedom I birthed into the world,
The desire for good they give
could be grown within each.
I’ve reached the time to pause,
a pregnant clause, a stop
To my ability to create more.
Before I was old
I chased my boys,
their joys such thrills that still
Envelop my being,
seeing them flourish.
I nourish their souls
And it feeds me,
Makes me wholly
Blessed, this nest,
These lives
I’ve been blessed
To love.

Life’s Song

Good morning, today let’s make some noise, a bit of music to share with others about the beauty of living. For I need the sounds, the designs of hope that lift our souls and make us dance to the music of living. Here are my own notes for others to find solace, and hope. Have a great morning.

There is a knocking at my door
as I discover there is more
Than just myself here in this land,
I am starting to understand.

That beyond the strife,
there’s something greater in my life.
The Lord has given everything,
I hear His calling for me to sing.

For there is goodness to be found,
the music of the world abounds.
Nature croons, such life that gives!
The majestic oak that sways, that lives!

The birds so bright, their tunes in key,
the greenest grass a stage to be.
My child in the pew at church,
his voice adrift, nestled in our perch.

I feel the joy that comes from love,
the gift that’s brought from up above.
A light that touches on my soul,
a brilliance lit that makes me whole.

A time for me to harmonize,
to lift from darkness to the skies.
For life is filled with melody,
God orchestrates the life we see.

The Morsel

There was a woodpecker across the street,
Clenched onto the bark of a tree.
Its nose beyond the outer skin,
pressed inside
Where its meal was existing.
It worked hard,
kept at it for the bit of flesh,
the first morsel
Of its morning.
I wondered if I could toil as much
To reach the living, the breath,
The beginning of my own life
Each morning.
I strove. I dug. I bared my own
Soul to others but was my effort
There with every rising?
Did I push past the struggle
From the hiding I did
Beneath sheets that clung
To my despair?
Did I no longer secret my pain
From the world?
I watched the red plume
Shake as it sweat,
Its long body stretched
As it exerted.
I left my bed
With the comforter
Pulled back,
Exposing the day.
I lifted my arms above
And inhaled
My capability,
My desire,
My search
To open to the world,
To shatter the myth
Of my stigma,
To breathe life
And to seek for
My own energy,
The morsel of my muse.